Mobile RFID Applications

If you have a requirement to use RFID tags to track items or monitor asset temperature or moisture then we have mobile solutions that can help.  We have developed secure and easy to use applications for IOS and Android devices that can identify UHF, NFC and others tag types.

App Solution

Our app solution can identify standard UHF and passive sensor RFID tags, plus other tag types:

  • Barcode / QR Code
  • NFC
  • UHF
  • UHF-Temp
  • UHF-M (Moisture)

Manage & Track

If you need to manage and track a few or many items our mobile solution can help:

  • Keep track of your inventory, whatever it is
  • Link tagged assets to internal or external product data
  • Track and locate specific tagged items
  • Create alerts and notifications
  • Email tag reads as csv attachments for quick counts

Secure Storage

All tag information can be automatically stored to secure cloud portal for storage and analysis solutions. Captured tag data allows for many insight scenarios.

App Demo

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